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Locator Program

We are proud to offer to you our Cooperative Purchase Locator Program. The program was developed to accommodate bruised credit buyers for Win/Win transactions while introducing rent payments that shadowed very reasonable interest rates.Here’s how it works:1) You will have a short conversation with a Locator Program Consultant in which the amount of funds you have to put down will be verified.2) You will then be asked to furnish the information for a credit report  (Please don’t panic about the credit check. We fully understand individual issues and situations. Again, this is why this program was created!) Glimpse page emv chip writer software straight away.

  • We will the distinguish the amount of time it will take for you to secure financing. (This is based on your credit score and what we can do to help you improve it so you can secure a mortgage etc.)
  • Together we will figure out the price range, affordability and criteria of your future home based on the information given.
  • Finally you will begin your search for the home of your desires with us. Again, these homes could be chosen from directly on the MLX or for sale by owner.

If you find a home that is for sale by owner, or listed on the MLX, we make the offer. If the offer is accepted, we put you into the home.